Top Budget Hotels in Chiang Mai

Top Budget Hotels in Chiang Mai

 Top Budget Hotels in Chiang Mai

Who's that need to cost the earth! Chiang Mai is surrounded by numerous hotels to accommodate visitors from all over the world. The hotel's rooms are extremely comfortable and reasonably priced, we will take them to visit me today. Look, that's just a lie. Then know I express check !!



 So Hostel

Address: Loikhoh in. Chang Klan. City of Night Bazaar, Chiang Mai
Starting price: 200-1500 ฿


    'So Hostel' hostel-style accommodation with bright bold colors add a sense of vitality to all guests. It offers free private lockers. The bathroom Kitchen and parking for travelers and those who want the comfort of a Backpacker friendly. There are also tours with travel and tourism too.




 CM Apartment

Location: Soi 7 Moon Muang district., Chiangmai
Starting price: 800-1600 ฿


    'CMU Apartments' Apartments, Town Centre to meet the rest was excellent. It's easy to get it away from Chiang Mai International Airport, only 15 minutes only. Also close to the pedestrian gate and Sunday. The rooms have modern amenities, plus free Wifi too tired travelers. Thailand can massage and beauty salon inside the apartment as well.




 Baan Say La Guesthouse

Location: Nimmanheamin Rd., Chiangmai
Start: 580-1500 ฿


    'Baan Say La Guesthouse' Guest House cozy. Thailand ancient style application The rooms have modern amenities including television, fan and air-conditioning. The back of the room is a wooden deck for relaxing. A panoramic view of Chiang Mai and Chiang Road. This central location makes it close to many attractions.




 At Ease Bijou Place

Address: Thipanet Rd. Haiya district in the old city of Chiang Mai
Price: 1,200 ฿ 1500


    'At Ease Bijou Place' located in the center of the city too. Luxury at a price you can touch. Creationism relaxation and beauty of the surrounding architecture. Each room is beautifully decorated With many amenities Make your vacation experience impressed upon the people that are like no extra cost.




 Early Bird Bed & Breakfast

Location: Wat Chedi Luang, opposite Soi 8. King Prajadhipok's streets. Prasing district town, the old town, Chiang Mai
Start: 1200-1800 ฿


    'Early Bird' Bed & Breakfast 'Guesthouse friendly mood. Compact, affordable price Cozy, like a day at a friend's house. The decor is stylish and unique. Tells the story through the nine rooms equipped with a birdie on the ninth of the white room. Wooden Furniture Home It is the unique charm of this place really.




 Chiang Mai Chaiyo Hotel

Location: Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 5. Suthep.., Chiangmai
Start: 900-1400 ฿


    'Chiang Mai Chaiyo Hotel' to stay open new modern style blend of Lanna. See perfectly well the whole room 25 rooms are well furnished. Along with modern facilities. With its central location makes it a favorite of travelers. It's a popular hotel in the hip street of the city that has it all.





Location: Sergeant Road House (rear colleges) per. Sripoom, Chiangmai
Start: 1000-1500 ฿


    'Cozytel' accommodation, lovely decor homey. Located in the heart of Chiang Mai The rooms are like no charm. Equipped with facilities And balcony, you can admire the gardens. With a warm welcome to the service model in northern Thailand.




 Hug Nimman Hotel

Address: Soi 13 road Nimmanheamin charts. Suthep, Chiangmai
Start: 1000-1500 ฿


    'Hug Nimman Hotel' luxurious hotel on the hipster of Chiang Mai Road. Street collection of shops and entertainment are abundant. It offers 70 rooms decorated perfectly fine. The design flair and charm of the hotel is clearly popular. With facilities that cater for all guests.




 Imagine Chiang Mai Resort

Location: Doi Saket Road Category 5 - the pond. Hill district Saket, Chiang Mai
Start: 1800-2000 ฿


    'Imagine Chiang Mai Resort' home streak nature resort. Suitable for a relaxing break Modern and meticulously quaint but fascinate many people. The price is not as expensive as I thought. The rooms are spacious Overlooking beautiful at all. Minimalist Comfort of home Whether as a family, couple or even a single person can truly feel Relax.




 Hotel Yayee

Location: The Honeysuckle Lane. Suthep. City Nimmanheamin district. Chiang Mai
Start: 2500-3500 ฿


    'Hotel Yayee' boutique hotel that combines the classic with the modern style. The decor emphasizes harmony with nature. Attention to detail With facilities Amid the bustling heart of the city. If you are looking for a warm and comfortable home-like comfort with privacy. The price is reasonable Hotel Iahii is another good option.



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