Economic Management

  Development to support the expansion of the aviation industry 

                  AOT focuses on the development of the airport system by taking into account the links between airports to airports and airports to mass transportation systems. The development is mainly based on the consistency of the management of Air Space, the structural managements of runways, taxiways and aprons (Air Field), the administration of passenger terminals and airport accessibility.

                  AOT uses AeroTURN program to make plans for the airport development by considering the international standards of airport development, aircraft types an increasing number of flights and passengers, the adequacy of infrastructure and equipment and the changes in laws and regulations.

                  Moreover, AOT has performed data analysis to support the airport development plan, which includes long term forecasts for passenger and air traffic numbers by using the results from the study of airport master plans conducted by the leading aviation consultants such as IATA and ICAO which forecasted the number of flights, cargo and mails.

                  AOT produces the forecast for passenger numbers to see the characteristics of travel and changing patterns of activities in comparison with corporate strategies, contexts or operational environments and characteristics of each airport. Additionally AOT will apply ultimate phase-level forecast about passenger numbers for the airport development plan to ensure that the airports can efficiently accommodate the increasing number of passengers. For instance, in the past, AOT experienced the problem of passenger accommodating capability at Phuket International Airport because its passenger numbers went up in leaps and bounds.

             In addition to the operation as per the airport development plan, AOT also features on the Business Development in accordance with the Master Business Plan for fiscal year 2016 - 2019, which is linked to the main strategic corporate plans of AOT - the 3rd strategy Aeronautical Business strategies, the 4th strategy Non - Aeronautical Business and the 7th strategy Business Development under the main strategies to maintain non-aeronautical revenues and sustainable airport revenue creation. AOT has taken into account the data on six airports’ development plan to find the opportunity to expand the area for aviation and to develop commercial activities.