Risk Management


Risk Management Structure


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 The Risk Management Committee 


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Risk Management Policy

        AOT is committed to the implementation of risk management. It is a holistic, internally coordinated action that follows an internationally recognized good practice. Therefore, the Risk Management Committee requires AOT has a risk management process in line with The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission - Enterprise Risk Management: COSO-ERM And business continuity management in accordance with the requirements of international standards. International Organization for Standardization: ISO 22301: 2012 (Societal Security - Business Continuity Management System Requirement) To be a management tool. This will lead to good corporate governance. Creating Opportunities for Increasing Business Returns Reduce loss or damage from any risk or disaster that may occur. Can respond to government policies. The expectations of stakeholders affected by the performance of AOT balance  read more >> 


Charter of the Risk Management Committee 

        The duties of the Risk Management Committee are to support the internal risk management process. The management of the business continuity is effective and efficient. The Risk Management Committee performs its oversight duties by acknowledging and reviewing comments or suggestions. And provide valuable support to the implementation of risk management. Internal control And AOT's business continuity management as a whole.  read more >>


AOT Business Continuity Management Policy

                Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT)  focus on the operation and management of the airports, as in global standard. By operating the airport business in Thailand. Management Airport operations and development

                Under the management of 6 AOT including Suvarnabhumi Airport. Don Mueang Airport Phuket International Airport Chiang Mai International Airport Hat Yai Airport And Mae Fah Luang Chiang Rai International Airport.

                Climate change and current world situation Increased frequency and intensified. This has a direct impact on the air transport industry and airport business. AOT is aware of the importance. And the need to implement Business Continuity Management (BCM) as a tool to manage the organization.  read more >>


Overview of AOT Business Continuity Management System

         Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT) has set up a management system. Business continuity (Business Continuity Management: BCM) According to international standards ISO 22301:2012 (Societal Security - Business Continuity Management Systems - Requirements) And industrial product standards. Business continuity management system TIS 22301-2556 To AOT headquarters (AOT) and AOT airport (6 airports). The purpose is as follows.

        1.  To be in line with the AOT's Operational Guidelines under the Memorandum of Understanding between the Thai Government and the guidelines of the State Enterprise Appraisal System (State Enterprise Performance Appraisal: SEPA)

        2.  To achieve the goals of the National Economic and Social Development Plan No. 12, 2060-2564. On issue 3.6, management to reduce disaster risk.

        3.  To strengthen the confidence of all stakeholders in AOT's business operations to support and mitigate the impact of disasters. That may make the business of AOT breaks

        In the fiscal year 2558 - 2556, AOT AOT and six AOT airports have passed the audit and certification of the continuity management system. Business standard ISO 22301:2012 and TIS 22301-2556 Which is standard Internationally recognized From a certification body (Certify Body: CB) United Registrar of Systems (Thailand) Ltd.  (United Registrar of Systems (Thailand) Ltd.: URS) already on January 20, 2016.  read more >>