External Society


        "AOT is committed to operating the business based on responsibilities for society and community, resulting a good acceptance from both. Realizing negative impacts from the airport business operation, AOT has determined on continually reducing them while at the same time increasing positive impacts under the environmental management aiming for environmental friendly airports to deliver good quality of life to the surrounding communities and excellent airport services to the public. All actions must be taken under the principle of customers’ stability and safety."


Sustainable Values for the Society

        "AOT is committed to creating sustainable value in collaboration with societies and communities for over 34 years. AOT’s main focus is on a close engagement with the communities through the implementation of activities under its Corporate Social Responsibility Plan number 2 by fiscal year 2015 - 2019. AOT has exploited the strategic position of the six airports, responsibility of the personnel, and the basic characteristics of each airport to set plans for the society."



Pathways to Sustainable Society

         The development of AOT’s operation for society to create social value consists of 3 levels of implementation for the attainment of staying with the society as follows:


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Operational framework to deliver AOT social value

          AOT has formulated an operation framework to deliver value to the society including the community in the vicinity of the airport by means of considering the context and needs with the AOT’s 4 strategic guidelines


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Social Value Creation Framework of Each Airport



CSR News


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AOT Philanthropic Activities Details in 2016


Social Value Creation Initiatives