It has been 30 years since AOT was transformed from being a state enterprise under the Ministry of Transport into being a public company limited in the Stock Exchange of Thailand at present. AOT is the organization responsible for administering 6 international airports including Don Mueang Airport, Chiang Mai Airport, Hat Yai Airport, Phuket Airport, Chiang Rai Airport, and Suvarnabhumi Airport. Therefore, AOT is the organization which has been bound to Thai people’s air transport and has facilitated the country’s development continually. Generally, expansion of large-sized businesses has brought about development, together with new problems into society and surrounding communities. Similarly, the operation of each airport is related to the expectations of society and communities. Therefore, AOT has been determined to solve various problems which have occurred. For example, AOT has solved the problem of noise pollution caused by the operation of Suvarnabhumi Airport, together with taking into consideration the concept of showing AOT’s responsibility for society and the environment.

The 1st concept is Public Responsibility which emphasizes that AOT must be careful of and pay attention to the outcomes from the company’s operation that occur in direct areas and related areas, apart from the internal area. The impact of those outcomes may become social issues afterward.

The 2nd concept is Stakeholder Theory which is related to managing the organization’s stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders, business partners, competitors, the public sector, and communities.

The 3rd concept is Corporate Citizenship which means that AOT must be responsible in terms of humanity so that there is continuous development in society. There must be voluntary donations in order to improve society in a sustainable way.

Based on the above CSR concepts, AOT has identified the patterns of AOT’s CSR operation which can be divided into 4 patterns as follows

The 1st pattern is Cause-related Marketing by spending revenue sharing or profits from business operations on charitable activities.

The 2nd pattern is Corporate Philanthropy.

The 3rd pattern is Volunteering. This pattern aims to build a good relationship between the organization and stakeholders in society by encouraging executives, employees, and business partners to participate in social activities in communities. Developing the quality of youths in terms of living conditions and mental health is an example of activities which AOT has placed importance on in order to build good relationships with communities surrounding the airports. Moreover, AOT has promoted youth development so that youths will become good adults in the future. For instance, AOT supported the establishment of three AOT border patrol police schools in Narathiwas, Mukdahan, and Chiang Rai and has also provided those schools with annual subsidies for 10 years. This is one of AOT’s important projects which aim to expand educational opportunities for students in remote areas more and more every year. In addition, AOT has already installed playthings and outdoor exercise machines in 22 schools surrounding Suvarnabhumi Airport which are affected by noise from the operation of Suvarnabhumi Airport.

The 4th pattern is Socially Responsibility Business Practice which is to develop or improve the organization’s business operations so that they will not have negative effects on society and environment or have as few negative effects as possible. For example, since AOT’s operations are related to environmental pollutions, AOT has served the airlines with the PC air system and the 400 Hertz electrical system in order to reduce pollutions caused by aircrafts’ fuel burning in the apron for more than 10 years. AOT’s implementation of CSR has provided employees with the opportunities to express their opinions so that they will be proud of their organization which makes benefits for society. They will love the organization and be a part of sustainable development and growth. Therefore, AOT will be trusted by communities and society. If there is quality of community members, communities will be strong and become society where people live happily together forever.



Supporting Border Patrol Police Schools
AOT has supported the establishment of three AOT border patrol police schools in Narathiwas, Mukdahan, and Chiang Rai. AOT has also provided those schools with annual subsidies for 10 years in order to support the schools’ operations. The annual subsidy is 150,000 Baht for each school.


Supporting the United Nations
The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) asked for a permission to use Thailand’s airports as the centers for collecting relief items before delivering to victims of Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar.
Community Relations Activities
AOT has emphasized the importance of activities which create good relationships with communities around every airport by continuously supporting, promoting, and creating activities and projects that benefit surrounding communities in various aspects, including education, religions, culture, youths, and environment.
Environmental Operation
AOT has operated the airports under responsibility with environmental concerns. AOT has also recognized the responsibility of solving, preventing, and reducing the impact on environment and communities surrounding the airports all the time. All six airports are equipped with the good environmental management systems.