What should I do? if I leave my belongings behind at the airport


When any unclaimed baggage is found or when you left behind your personal belongings at the airport, please do not worry.  The airport officers of AOT will investigate and treat such unclaimed items according to the security measures to ensure of airport users’ safety and convenience. #AOTOfficial #aviation #airport #travel #boarding #ท่าอากาศยานไทย


When passengers leave behind their personal belongings or when any suspicious object is found unattended in the airport terminal, AOT public relations officer will make an announcement to search for the owner and AOT duty officers will verify such items immediately.  The investigation will be classified as follows:

X   If the item found is neither prohibited nor illegal, it will be sent to the public relations unit to make an announcement to search for the owner.

X   If the item found is prohibited or illegal, it will be treated according to the airport’s security measures.

When you find any unattended item, do not touch, hold or move it.  Instead, please notify the airport security officers on duty in the area or the airport public relations officers at the information counter. #AOTOfficial #aviation #airport #travel #boarding #ท่าอากาศยานไทย


In case that passengers leave behind his/her belongings at the security check point, the airport duty officer will take the following actions:

  1. Scan the item again through the x-ray machine.
  2. Inform the public relations officer to make an announcement to search for the owner.
  • In case an individual claim to be the owner of the item, the duty-officer has to verify the ownership of the item before returning it to ensure that such person is the real owner. However, if an airline staff wishes to collect the item on behalf of the owner, the duty-officer at the security check point will make an official record of the item and have such staff sign his/her name before returning it.
  • If no one claims for the item within 30 minutes, the duty-officer will make an official record of the item and send it to the public relations officer. The public relations officer will sign his/her name on the record.


Therefore, while waiting for your flight, you have just realized that you left your personal belongings or have heard an announcement finding the owner of such item, please return to the security check point right away or contact the airport public relations officer immediately. #AOTOfficial #aviation #airport #travel #boarding #ท่าอากาศยานไทย