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Traveling with Pets
 Passengers who bring pets into or out of the country must follow the airport’s regulations and inform the Office of Traveling with Pets which will provide advice on regulations.
The procedures for transporting pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) out of the countryInformation from the Department of Livestock Development

          - Submit the form for pet transportation (Form R.1/1)

          - The pet’s health must be checked not more than 2-3 days before departing.

          - The agency issues the export permit (Form R.9), together with the health certificate.

 The documents necessary for applying for pet export permits are as follows:
          - Copy of the passport of the pet’s owner

          - Copy of the ID card of the export agent

          - Copy of the rabies vaccination certificate in case of exporting dogs or cats

          - For birds or other animals, there must be the export certificate issued by the Department of Forestry or the export consent from the officers at the Animal Quarantine Station of the airport and/or CITES documents.

For further information, please contact the Transportation Control and Quarantine Division, Bureau of Disease Control and Veterinary Services, Department of Livestock Development, Phayathai, Bangkok 10400.

Tel. (02) 653-4444 ต่อ 4174,4175,4177-4179
Fax. (02) 653-4865
E-mail :

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Arrival Guide

Passengers Arrival/Arriving Passengers

passengers Arrival must fill in their personal information on the Passenger Arrival Document no. 6 which is issued by the Immigration Bureau as evidence for contacting passengers while they are staying in Thailand. The staff of the airline you travel with will give the aforementioned document to passengers so that they can fill it in before the plane lands
(traveling to Thailand).

Visas and Travel Documents

Passengers who do not have arrival visas (please see the list of countries below) can apply for visas at the arrival counter by bringing 2 one-inch photos and paying the fee of 300 Baht. Passengers who do not have photos can use photo express service in the airport at 120 Baht (4 photos).
(Information from: Immigration Bureau)